Sleeping with pets can be risky for you, here’s why


Do you love your dog so much that you allow him to sleep with you? Do you allow him to snuggle close to you, and your ears and nose are in close contact with his body? Your dog too may love cuddling close to you at night while sleeping, as a mark of his affection and though it’s cute, but, do you think it’s healthy? Unfortunately that’s a big no, because your dog’s body harbors a number of germs that can be deadly and so infectious that it could also be fatal for you. Keeping a pet requires you to ensure a healthy and hygienic environment beneficial for both you and your pet.

It’s a big damper for all pet lovers but it’s scientifically true, because a pet’s body is full of infectious germs and bacteria detrimental to your health. Read on to find out how sleeping with pets is dangerous for you.

1 Dogs can transfer a number of infectious diseases to you

As per Dr. Jane Heller, a veterinary expert at Charles Stuart University, you can get seriously ill or contract infection if you are constantly in close contact with your pet. The biggest problem lies in the fact that pets aren’t sterile and are host to a number of bacteria as well as parasites. Large dogs can also have a variety of parasitic organisms on their bodies such as crab ticks, raisin ticks, and fleas.

Sarcoptic mange is another dangerous mite which cannot be seen by the naked eye, but is responsible for skin infections in pets that result in hair loss, scaly skin and scabs. Such infections can be transferred to you as well. Pet dander especially, is known to trigger allergies and sneezing.

Dogs can transfer infectious diseases

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2 Those with Low Immunity Are At a Greater Risk of Falling Sick from Pet Bacteria

It isn’t uncommon for humans with dogs as pets to find a tick clutched tightly on their skin. Such parasites can work their way upto your extremities where it is nice and warm. Ear mites that thrive in your pet’s ear canal can also migrate to your body if your pet is habituated in spending time on your bed. Such reasons are precisely why sleeping with pets is dangerous for your health.

According to medical reports and studies, dogs and cats have a bug present in their mouths called Capnocytophaga canimorsus. Almost 75% of healthy dogs will contain these harmful bacteria, which can be transferred by saliva. Although, the animals themselves are not affected due to their immunity, but humans could be harmed by the germ. Those with reduced immunity especially, can suffer the ill-effects of the bacteria.

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