8 Serious Skin Disorders that may be an indication of poor health

Skin problems can afflict you suddenly. You look in the mirror one day and suddenly find that zit on your cheek or a part of your body covered in scaly rash. You could be attacked by a bout of night itching and wonder why is it happening to you. Skin disorders may not only be due to a superficial problem but due to several underlying conditions too. Here are 8 serious skin disorders warning you of bad health.


1 Rosacea

The reason for rosacea is yet to be known and it is considered a rare disease. It usually attacks skin in cold weather and be caused by stress, alcohol and stress.


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2 Freckles

This is something that many people are born with. However these could also be caused by sun exposure. Increased freckles can be caused by melanoma.



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3 Acne

Acne can be caused by hormones and also by junk food such as chocolates, colas, burgers and other processed stuff. Acne can form into cysts and be inflammatory.


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4 Red patches

Among serious skin disorders, Red Patches could be a condition of psoriasis that results in piling up of cells on the surface of the skin. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that sends signals to skin cells to regenerate too fast.


Red patches

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5 Paleness

Paleness is an indication of an underlying condition that could be anything from low immunity, breathing disorder, iron deficiency.


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6 Dark patches

Dark patches on the body can be an indication of acanthosis nigricans. The skin appears dark and thick. When such patches appear, it would be a good idea to check your insulin and glucose levels and related tests to arrest the condition in its early stages.

Dark patches

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7 Extreme itchiness

Itchiness can be due to allergies, wrong food or environmental changes. If such a condition doesn’t clear within a few weeks then a visit to the dermatologist is warranted.

Extreme itchiness

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8 Super dry patches

Serious skin disorders also include dry patches usually appear in dry season because of the reduced skin immunity or you may be lacking in omega 3 fatty acids. Either start foods rich in omega 3s or visit a doctor to rule out any medical condition.

Super dry patches

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