8 Simple One Minute Stretches To Bring You Pain Relief And Cure Your Back Pain

Back pain and low back pain is one of the worst problems afflicting millions of people worldwide. Poor posture, wrong sleeping positions and sitting at work for long hours all contribute to back pain. As well as realising what the cause of your back pain is, looking into dispensaries similar to trulieve pensacola could also provide you with a solution to managing the symptoms of your back pain a lot better than before. It’s worth at least doing some research into, so you can make a proper decision.


Medications do not solve the problems they just alleviate the symptoms. Exercise is the best possible means to reduce your suffering. Here are 8 simple stretches to cure back pain and provide you relief.

1 Knees to chest

This is one stretch that works out the glutes, hip and manages low back pain. Do it at least 3 to 4 times and make it a part of your stretch routine every day. You’ll get relief in a few weeks.

Knees to chest

Image Source: www.bodybuilding.com

2 Reclined Hamstring Stretch

While lying on the floor, bring your leg up holding your thigh. Hold the position for 20 seconds and repeat 3 to four times.

Reclined Hamstring Stretch

Image Source: www.popsugar-assets.com

3 Piriformis Stretch

This stretch needs to be held for 20 seconds for maximal results. Repeat again with the other leg. Do 3 to 4 times each leg.

Piriformis Stretch

Image Source: www.turner.com

4 Spinal Stretch

The spinal stretch works best on glutes and relaxes your back. Great for back pain. Hold for 20 seconds and perform with the other leg.

Spinal Stretch

Image Source: www.ytimg.com


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