Simple and effective home remedies to tighten loose skin under the eyes

Loose skin and wrinkles under the eyes are frustrating for any women. Loose skin under the eyes not only destroys the entire look of the face but also makes one look far older than their actual age. Women fret over such things and spend several hours in beauty salons to get the most expensive and effective treatment to tighten their sagging skin.

However, loose skin under the eyes can be cured at home by simple and effective home remedies which means spending much less time in parlors. Here are some simple yet effective natural home remedies that you can make a habit to avoid further instances of sagging under the eyes.

1 Pineapple

The juice of pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain which is an anti-inflammatory agent and a natural form of alpha hydroxy acid that can be proven to be very effective in treating wrinkles. Squeeze a pineapple and apply its juice on sagging skin. Leave on for twenty minutes and wash off with cold water. Make it a habit to avoid further instance of sagging skin.


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2 Avocado

Avocado is very effective in treating sagging skin under the eyes. Avocado contains some special moisturizers that are capable of making the skin under the eyes smooth and soft. This not only tightens the skin but also makes the skin naturally soft and smooth.


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3 Egg whites

Well-known for tightening the skin, egg whites are proven to be very effective in treating wrinkles. Applying egg whites on the face also help in preventing the appearance of premature wrinkles. Apply egg white on sagging skin around the eyes and wash off when the skin starts getting pulled. Don’t leave the egg white for a long period of time as it can lead to eye bags.

Egg whites

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