10 Signs Your Gut is Asking for More Attention

8Inability to sleep well

A hormone called serotonin is crucial for the body to be able to fall to sleep. Serotonin is called the happy hormone because it is a chemical which helps the body regulate mood and sleeping patterns. A gut that isn’t functioning properly can cause you to have trouble falling asleep which can result in insomnia and an eventual worn-out immune system. This could make a person more vulnerable to falling sick.

Inability to sleep well

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9Suppressed immunity and autoimmune disease

There is a strong link between leaky gut and autoimmune conditions. In fact, scientists now believe that a leaky gut may be a precondition to developing autoimmunity. When you start suffering from frequent infections or illnesses the reason is due to a suppressed immune system which is the result of an unhealthy gut.

Suppressed immunity and autoimmune disease

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10Moodiness, anxiety, and depression

Compromised gut function causes micronutrient deficiencies which can even affect mental health. The reason is simple, an unwell gut or a leaky gut cannot absorb the required number of micronutrients to maintain an appropriate level of nutrition which adversely affects mental health.


The hormones responsible for keeping you in a good mood and making you feel happy and satisfied- serotonin and dopamine, are produced in the gut. When your gut isn’t functioning properly, sufficient amount of these hormones is not produced. This makes you moody, and can even increase your anxiety levels. A leaky gut compromises your ability to use serotonin and dopamine, and vitamin D in your body. As such, negative emotions are subtle signs of poor gut health as well. If this continues, you can even end up with depression.

Moodiness, anxiety, and depression

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