10 Signs Your Gut is Asking for More Attention

4Noticeable hair loss

Hair fall on a daily basis is pretty normal until you notice that your hair is falling in overly large amounts. When this happens and you start noticing bald spots then it is one of the signs of poor gut health. While hair loss has usually been associated with stress, medical experts have discovered that an unhealthy gut can also make your hair thin and start to fall. The reason is due to the fact that the gut is responsible for producing vitamin B7 or biotin which prevents skin disease, and hair loss.

Noticeable hair loss

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5Sudden intolerance of certain foods

The function of breaking down food and removing toxins from it is the responsibility of the digestive systems. If your gut is sick, then the body fails to eliminate food toxins which cause the body to react to specific foods and develop food intolerances. Food intolerance symptoms manifest in the form of stomach gas, nausea, stomach pains, and diarrhea.

Sudden intolerance of certain foods

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6Constant food cravings

You can even experience the exact opposite of food intolerances- food cravings. This means that you will have cravings for specific foods. This is quite similar to food intolerance as the gut is not able to process the food consumed which results in an imbalance. Such an imbalance leads to increased food cravings of particularly unhealthy foods like sugar and fats. These sugar and fat cravings can be even more detrimental to your gut health.

Constant food cravings

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7More bathroom trips

An unhealthy gut in no way processes food correctly which is why you will notice that you start making frequent trips to the bathroom with an upset stomach. Other symptoms like feeling gassy or bloated, or constipation and heartburn can also be indicators which tell you that your gut needs a thorough cleansing.

More bathroom trips

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