10 Signs That Your Body Definitely Needs More Vitamin D

6Slow wound healing

Often, it is believed that diseases like diabetes and high blood sugar is the main reason why your wounds don’t heal. That isn’t always the case. It is a lack of vitamin D that can make your wounds take longer to heal. Those with diabetes may find their wounds taking even longer to heal if they lack vitamin D. Studies proved that regular intake of the vitamin can help diabetic foot ulcers heal faster.

Slow wound healing

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7Scientists feel that Vitamin D stabilizes blood sugar

Yes, scientists after research feel that Vitamin D improves and stabilizes the levels of blood glucose and cholesterol in the body. This is a good sign where the issue of cholesterol is concerned which means that Vitamin D can help in keeping your heart healthy as well.

Scientists feel that Vitamin D stabilizes blood sugar

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8Hair loss

Hair loss can be due to many health reasons but vitamin D is certainly one of them. Vitamin D deficiency leads to thinning and hair loss by impairing the hair cycling process. The vitamin contributes to faster hair growth from the origin which is the roots and is usually prescribed a supplement in issues of hair loss.

Hair loss

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9Anxiety and depression

Vitamin D also influences brain function. Once it is consumed in food or synthesized in the skin, it starts releasing neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin which are the feel-good hormones essential for being stress-free and improving sleep. A lack of the vitamin can lead to problems of the inability to cope with stress, anxiety and depression. This can also lead to mental illness like schizophrenia.

Anxiety and depression

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10Weight gain

While there are several factors that contribute to weight gain, a lack of vitamin D is one of them. Studies have shown a link between low levels of vitamin D and abdominal fat. It also observed that supplementation of vitamin D increased benefits of weight loss by improving the lipid profile such as levels of triglycerides in the body.

Weight gain

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