10 Signs That Your Body Definitely Needs More Vitamin D

If you are an indoors person who hardly gets their dose of sunlight, chances are you may be lacking in vitamin D. Vitamin D should not be written off from your diet because it is extremely important for the supply of calcium to the bones and good health. It is one of the essential groups of vitamins found mainly in liver, fish oil and from sunlight that helps your body absorb calcium and prevent diseases like rickets and cancer. Vitamin D also improves the immune system and aids in several body functions. What many don’t know or don’t realize is that vitamin D deficiency can be linked to serious diseases like breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and even weight gain. Moreover, when you are exposed to sunlight, your body absorbs UV rays which then use the body’s cholesterol found in skin and hair and converts it to vitamin D. Here are the definite signs your body displays if you are lacking in vitamin D.


1Head sweating

According to scientific literature, newborns suffering from frequent and excessive sweating are an early sign of vitamin D deficiency. In adults, although not obvious and sometimes attributed to other problems, frequent head sweating can actually be a sign that you’re lacking in Vitamin D. If your head seems to be sweating more than the rest of your body, then consult a doctor.

Head sweating

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2Bone pain

This is one of the common signs of vitamin D. When a body lacks vitamin D, it can reduce the ability to provide the bones with calcium and lead to a condition called osteomalacia which weakens the bones. A deficiency in vitamin D can also result in musculoskeletal pains, as well as pain and tenderness in the tibial bone. It increases the risk of fractures of the bone and diseases like osteoporosis. You might even suffer with some joint pain, and if you do, you should check out joint pain relief to eliminate the pain. To bone pain, one should make sure that an adequate dose of vitamin D is incorporated into one’s diet.

Bone pain

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3Muscle pain

The muscles are also affected by a lack of vitamin D. It can lead to muscle pain ranging from mild to severe, faster muscle soreness, muscle weakness, poor muscle mass and decreased levels of muscle recovery after workouts or physical activity. Vitamin D deficiency can also cause fibromyalgia which is chronic inflammation and pain in the body.

Muscle pain

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4A weakened immunity

This is one of the more serious conditions of vitamin D deficiency that weakens the immune system. Vitamin D contributes in a major way of strengthening our immunity. Doctors in earlier days would treat patients with Vitamin D even before the discovery of antibiotics. TB patients would be sent to sanatoriums to get more outdoor and sunlight exposure. If you find yourself repeatedly suffering from viral infections and other common diseases, then it could possibly be a lack of vitamin D.

A weakened immunity

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5Fatigue and weakness

Not always is your busy lifestyle and work the result of weakness and fatigue. As long as you eat a healthy diet, your body is made to take the rigors of physical activity and thus you shouldn’t be tired all the time. If you are, there is a possibility that you may not be getting enough of vitamin D. Studies have shown that vitamin D supplements help reduce fatigue and tiredness once the levels of vitamin D in the body were brought to normal.

Fatigue and weakness

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