5 Signs that definitely tell you that you should have more protein

Protein is essential for us in order to give us energy. It also helps the body recover from diseases and injuries. Proteins are made up of long chain amino acids which are also the building blocks of muscles in our body. The body produces 11 amino acids and proteins, while the other essential 9 amino acids you get from eating protein rich food like meat, eggs, green leafy vegetables and eggs. But there are signs if your body is lacking in proteins and we have 5 such signs for you.

1 You are tired as hell all the time

When you are tired all the time despite having a good schedule, it is usually a sign of your body deficient in proteins and craving for the same. Also protein is needed to build muscles and if your body is lacking in proteins, then it will use up protein from the muscles and you will feel tired all the time. It will affect your exercise regimen and will also affect the muscles in your body.

Tired man taking rest

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2 Pain in joints and muscles

When the body is deficient in protein, it affects the muscles and joints of the body which require protein to work properly. Omega 3 proteins and gelatin are good source of protein which helps keep joints and muscles in perfect condition. The joints ache due to the lubricating fluid starts to reduce due to lack of protein that helps produce that fluid.

Pain in joints and muscles

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