11 Signs That Your Body Is Craving For More Potassium

5Abnormal heart rate

The NIH says that you might have a high risk of heart diseases like abnormal heartbeat or cardiac arrhythmias if you are highly or moderately potassium deficit. Research has proven that 7- 17 % of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases also have hypokalemia. It has a major impact on Muscle contractions and thus, functioning of the heart.


You should head to the doctor as soon as possible if you feel your heart skipping, pounding or fluttering a beat. You can have cardiac arrest due to irregular heartbeats- which can be extremely dangerous for you.

Abnormal heart rate

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6You’re dehydrated

Lowered potassium levels can cause electrolyte imbalances which mostly occur due to eating disorders, dehydration, etc and even to athletes, but these problems can be fixed. Even in situations like sports, coconut water is essential as it an excellent hydrating agent, even water is good enough when there is no other resource of electrolyte.

You’re dehydrated

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7You have dry skin or acne

Health coach and owner of The Lyons’ Share Wellness in Texas, Megan Lyons said that it is very easy to spot the symptoms of potassium deficiency like digestion problems, dry skin or acne. While many different conditions have these symptoms, you should also get tested for potassium deficiency.

You have dry skin or acne

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8Kidney stones

You can have kidney stones which are hard masses of compacted minerals formed inside your kidney. It is extremely painful to pass them through your urine but damage can be inevitable if it is not taken care of at an early stage.

Kidney stones

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Potassium prevents kidney stones

Potassium can prevent the main type of kidney stones forming which is calcium oxalate. It also improves urine pH levels and reduces uric acid. Stones which are composed of calcium are the most common type of kidney stones as potassium promotes the excretion of excess calcium though urine.

Potassium prevents kidney stones

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9You’re bloated all the time

Salt induced bloating usually happens when your body is low in potassium where your body stresses on regulating the level of sodium. Low potassium also causes digestive problems and constipation.

You're bloated all the time

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