11 Signs That Your Body Is Craving For More Potassium

Some of the most important electrolytes which make your body function are Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium. Nutritionists think that these nutrients aren’t supplied in a sufficient amount to every functional body. The lowering of blood pressure along with helping your muscular and digestive function is managed by the potassium in your body. Potassium helps in muscle contraction and regulates heart function and blood pressure. In case of potassium deficiency and if these signs match your symptoms consult a doctor immediately.


1 You have a poor diet

The chance for you to get potassium deficiency are really high if you eat a lot of chips, cookies, and tasty snacks and not care for your daily balanced diet. If you eat a lot of junk foods and processed foods and seldom eat vegetables and fruits, you have a risk of having low potassium levels.

You have a poor diet

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2Your muscles feel weak

Your muscles will feel it when you’re potassium deficit because for muscle contraction and construction potassium is required. Your muscles require potassium as it is an electrolyte. Muscle contraction is the first sign of potassium deficiency. Your energy levels will be depleted if you’re on medication, dehydrated and even in particular health conditions. You should check your diet as soon as possible to seek whether you’re getting supplied with sufficient potassium especially if you feel sluggish and weak the entire day.

Your muscles feel weak

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3Your muscles are cramping

Muscle cramps can be nasty especially like the calf turning kind. Repeated incidents of muscle cramps are a cause for concern. Your muscles require a healthy level of potassium; you can get muscle cramps if the level falls below a certain point.

Your muscles are cramping

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4You’re taking diuretics or fluid pills

Alyse Levine, MS, RD, of Nutritionbite in California says that the main reason for being potassium deficit is having fluid pills or prescription water such as diuretics. This can cause a considerable loss of potassium through the urine. Levine had said that it is very rare to have potassium deficiency because of insufficient potassium in our diet.

Taking diuretics or fluid pills

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