13 Silent Signs That You May Be Having Gastritis

5You have inflammatory bowel disease

The probability of getting gastritis increases if a person is suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease (ulcerative colitis). One-third of patients suffering from Crohn’s disease are also diagnosed with gastritis.

You have inflammatory bowel disease

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6You are losing weight

It is pylori bacteria that makes one feel uncomfortable and full, decreasing appetite and making you lose weight. This bacterium can enter your system through contaminated food get into the lining of the stomachs and then remains there. It is advisable to treat this infection as soon as possible because it can even cause Stomach cancer. Several rounds of antibiotics are required to get rid of this infection.

You are losing weight

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7You feel nauseated

Nausea is also caused by H.Pylori infection associated with belching and bloating. The nauseous feeling comes because the digestive liquid secreted by the liver named bile moves from the small intestine into the stomach. Bile reflux is also a type of gastritis. Indigestion can also cause nausea, because it is also caused by H.pylori infection.

You feel nauseated

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8You drink alcohol or take certain drugs

There are other ways to get gastritis other than getting infected with H.pylori. Heavy alcohol and cocaine abuse are also culprits for causing gastritis. The mucosal wall can get destroyed or inflamed by cocaine, alcohol and different types of drugs. This can also make the stomach vulnerable to inflammation and many diseases.

Say no to alcohol

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