5 Signs That You Are Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard, And 5 Simple Fixes for It

4Bleeding gums

This is when the gums and the veins become so weak that they often rupture since you continue to brush your teeth with a lot of pressure. This normally occurs when the last thinnest layer of your gums gets irritate and damaged. Sometimes, having dental implants may have damaged the sensitive layer of the gum, exposing the abutment of the implant. Visit your dentist to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Bleeding gums

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5Your teeth become extra sensitive

Just like your receding gums, your teeth can become extra sensitive as well, especially once the enamel is brushed away. The reason is because the nerves of the roots of your teeth are left exposed and unprotected. This becomes apparent when you start finding it really hard to drink very hot or very cold water or drinks, or even bite hard food. In this case, you should visit a dentist and start brushing your teeth in a softer way.

Your teeth become extra sensitive

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Next are 5 solutions on how to reverse the situation caused by brushing your teeth too hard.

1 Use only 3 fingers to hold your toothbrush

You need to hold your toothbrush like a pen while brushing. In doing so you will understand how to control the force you are putting on the toothbrush and apply only the right pressure whenever you brush your teeth. Holding your toothbrush with your fist can make you easily lose track of the force you are applying which may lead to over-brushing. Just remember that the pressure doesn’t make brushing your teeth more effective, and it is the bristles that have to get between all the teeth to clean out the plaque and other bacteria.

Use only 3 fingers

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