9 Signs of a Selenium Deficiency You May Be Ignoring

It is mostly nutrients like vitamin, B C and D, and calcium, etc. get most of the attention whereas this nutrient isn’t given much consideration. There are many ways in which our body can be benefitted by small quantities of selenium. It is said that DNA synthesis, reproductive health and thyroid function can improve with the help of selenium. It is even said to be an antioxidant.


1How much do you need?

Selenium is considered to be a trace element and per day, men and women should consume about 55mcg of it. 60-70 mcg should be adequate for women who are breastfeeding or pregnant. A sufficient amount of selenium can be provided by a balanced diet, but people who run low on this element usually drink alcohol, take birth control pills or addicted to smoking. You should consult your doctor about the nutrition level in your body if you’re suffering from Crohn’s disease and other types of conditions that effects nutrient absorption. Your levels and numbers can be provided to you just by a simple blood test, whereas you will know something is wrong if your conditions match the symptoms of deficiency.

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2You’re so tired

Fatigue is a symptom of common hypothyroidism. The activity of the liver gets slowed down by the low levels of selenium present in your body. Your lifestyle can affect the levels of this element in your body. Your diet should contain sufficient levels of proteins, carbohydrates and fats to get enough selenium.

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3You’re gaining weight

You would obviously want to know the main reason for gaining unwanted weight. A major role will be played by the thyroid for its thirst for selenium, but this deficiency can be fixed and your thyroid can get back on its track. The diet is the firstly checked when a patient usually gains unwanted weight and then, the selenium levels are tested accordingly.

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4You’re not functioning at your best

Selenoproteins as well as glutathione peroxidase are formed from selenium. It helps in the major process of forming harmless byproducts from the harmful toxin substances present in your body. Many serious health problems can be experienced by being deficit of selenium.

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