9 Common Signs Indicating that your body needs better nutrition

Your body is a machine that needs to stay healthy and active in order to work well for a long period of time. It requires proper exercise along with the right amount of nutrients that will keep your body fit and working aptly.


There are various nutrients that your body requires for good health. The basic nutrients are vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrate, fat and you also need water for a healthy living. Your body needs the right kind of nutrients in order to function properly. Lack of these nutrients will not let you live a healthy life.

If you are not eating enough or there is a lack of nutrients in your body, your body will definitely send you a signal beforehand. Then, you can definitely realize and understand that you need to get better nutrition. Here are 9 alarming signs that tell you that your body needs better nutrition.


1 Loss of muscle mass from the body

If you are working out at the gym, it is obvious that your muscles take some amount of stress as well as beating. However, if you do not get enough nutrition, your body would not be able to take the beating and will not work for the repair and wear and tear of tissues. Your body will absorb carbohydrates, proteins and fats from your muscles and you will get signs that your muscles are slowly weakening.

Loss of muscle mass from the body

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2 Causing weight gain

Even though you may feel that this is a little weird, but eating less may also cause weight gain. That is because the stress hormones will slowly increase and help to store more fat cells. Since you are not getting enough nutrition, your body will store all it can, for the future and it will definitely burn muscle mass instead of fat.

Causing weight gain

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3 You would constantly be hungry

If you do not eat properly, you would always be hungry and crave for more and more food. Try eating at regular intervals if you cannot eat at one go. If you skip a meal, then you would eat more than expected in the next meal. This would mean that you are eating more than required and gaining weight as well.

You would constantly be hungry

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4 Lack of energy, feeling weak and lethargic

If you do not have the right kind of nutrients, then you are sure to feel weak, lethargic and tired all the time. Lack of vital vitamins and minerals may also cause anemia as well as a variety of diseases as your body is not resistant enough to fight them back. You would understand that you are feeling really lethargic if you are tired at the very moment when you wake up from bed.

Lack of energy, feeling weak and lethargic

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5 Cannot sleep for a long period of time

Lack of nutrition signifies that you may be hungry all the time due to which you may not be able to sleep properly. You keep waking up now and then and loiter in the corridor, hunting for food in the fridge and in the kitchen. This means that you are not getting the proper nutrition that may fill you up.

Cannot sleep for a long period of time

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6 Getting sick all the time

Have you ever felt that you are sick all the time and always getting affected with some disease or the other? This means that your body is not getting the nutrition that it requires and thus it is not being able to cope up with the daily pressure of work.

Getting sick all the time

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7 You are eating out too often

Nowadays the common trend of the young generation is to not cook at home and eat out. This means that your body will definitely lack the nutrients that are required for it to sustain as food from outside is mainly considered to be junk food with more of spices and fried stuff. It is not very difficult to cook at home if you have the proper time, energy and required ingredients and other stuff needed for cooking.

You are eating out too often

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8 Your face always looks very tired and dull

If you do not have enough nutrients that are required for your body, your face will surely lose its glow and you will start looking very tired and weak. You need to know how to get better nutrition if you want to regain your previous luster and youthful radiance.

Your face always looks very tired and dull

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9 You start looking aged

Proper intake of water, vitamins and minerals will help your skin to look radiant as well as young. If you lack these nutrients, you will surely feel the difference in you. In order to stay fit, healthy as well as glowing you always need to have balance diet with all the essential nutrients in it. Only then you will have a fit and beautiful body!

You start looking aged

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So, follow a proper diet, exercise regularly and make sure you get all the required vitamins essential for the betterment of your body. Remember that health is the greatest wealth!


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