Early warning signs of high blood pressure that 1 in 5 people do not know they have it

Today’s world is complete with deadlines, work pressure and strains to do the best in both work life and personal life. People follow a very strenuous routine of travelling to work, dealing with things that can drain them mentally and physically both. This leads to them developing many kinds of illnesses and especially heart related illnesses. The major concern for such people is high blood pressure or hypertension which is very rarely diagnosed early. But here are some symptoms of high blood pressure that may give you some extra time to fight and regulate the disease.


1 What is High Blood Pressure?

High Blood Pressure is often regarded as the foremost contributor to heart ailments like stroke, heart failure and even contributes to morbidity and diabetes. It is also known as hypertension and it is known as a silent killer, since it is often diagnosed at a later stage and mostly it is diagnosed after a heart stroke or attack happens. Most of the times, people find that they have high blood pressure by chance, during a regular checkup at the doctor or when they have a heart attack. The high blood pressure normally doesn’t show much symptoms and it is not often that people go to doctors for check up for blood pressure specifically. But here are some early symptoms that may suggest you have hypertension, which are hard to diagnose since they are pretty common signs also.

Doctor measuring high blood pressure

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2 Neurological problems and headaches

One of the most common symptoms that are related to million other things is headaches. But it was assumed that headaches and high blood pressure were related as early as 1900s. It is often thought that people with normal blood pressure do not have blinding headaches. People with high blood pressure have a 40% less chance of having headaches. Hence, if you have constant headaches or shooting pains in your head, you must get yourself checked out for blood pressure.

Neurological problems and headaches

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3 Nosebleeds and fatigue

High blood pressure may also cause you to have nosebleeds. Almost 17% of people get treated for nosebleeds in emergency have high blood pressure as a symptom. People who have high blood pressure may experience regular nose bleeds in the earlier stages of the blood pressure and is genuinely a sign that you may have high blood pressure.

Nosebleeds and fatigue

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4 Vision problems

People with high blood pressure may also experience vision problems as well. Whenever their blood pressure rises, their vision becomes blurry and they experience difficulty in seeing things properly or see things distorted. They may even experience blood spots in eyes, due to blood vessels in eyes hemorrhaging due to severe and sudden rise in blood pressure.

Vision problems

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5 Chest pain and abnormal heart beat

The best signs that points to high blood pressure are chest pains and abnormal heart beat. Whenever your blood pressure rises, you may experience any kind of pain like stabbing, sharp pain or burning pain in your chest. You may also experience your heart skipping a beat and an abnormal heart beat. If you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms, immediately contact your physician as they might be a sign of high blood pressure.

Chest pain and abnormal heart beat

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