12 Signs Your Body Is Starving For Magnesium

10High Blood Pressure/Hypertension

Hypertension is one of the most studied areas relating to magnesium deficiency. According to a Harvard study involving more than 70,000 people, it showed that people with high intake of magnesium in their diet had a healthy blood pressure. Magnesium supplementation up to a fixed dose is said to reduce blood pressure significantly.

High Blood Pressure

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11Hormone Problems

The hormone levels in your body can be affected by the deficiency of magnesium. In a woman’s body, the higher the progesterone or estrogen, the lower is the level of magnesium. This also states the reason why pregnant women usually experience a lot of cramps. Always see a doctor to get a suitable vitamin supplement.

Hormone Problems

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12Pregnancy Complaints

The mood and pregnancy health can be affected by the change in magnesium levels. You can reduce your morning sickness during pregnancy by taking supplements of magnesium prescribed by the doctor. You must have read in the previous point that magnesium can reduce hypertension along with digestive disturbances, these are problems related to pregnancy and can get worse if you are magnesium deficit while being pregnant too.

Pregnancy Complaints

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What foods are high in magnesium?

A balanced diet can provide a sufficient supply of all vitamins including magnesium. An unhealthy lifestyle that lacks magnesium should be avoided at all costs. Good sources of magnesium are Nuts and seeds, Cereals, Beans, Fresh and dried fruits, Greens and Fish. By including these items in your daily diet, you will maintain levels of magnesium for a healthier bodily function.

Foods high in magnesium

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