12 Signs Your Body Is Starving For Magnesium

6Stress and apathy

The essential component which makes your nervous system stronger is Magnesium. As you must have read from the previous points that magnesium relaxes your brain. So when you are deficit of magnesium you will feel stress as well as unexplained anxiety. The risk of depression also increases when you lack magnesium.

Stress and apathy

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The main reason for constipation is either from a decrease in the consumption of fiber or stress. Lack of magnesium also causes conditions of constipation. Many of your body parts including your digestive tract can be relaxed by the magnesium present in your body. Constipation is caused due to the lack of magnesium as your internal functions don’t perform properly.


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The energy in our cells is created by the reactions requiring magnesium as explained in the introduction about magnesium helping nerve and enzyme function. If you have a low magnesium level, the energy in the cells would also be less. This leads to lack of mobility, fatigue and lesser energy.


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9Severe headache

You can have a headache, if there is a significant drop in the vitamin level especially of A, B, C and D and magnesium. One side of your head will only be affected by migraines. Frequent migraines and headaches are usually caused by magnesium deficiency. Migraines are caused because of the quick expansion and contraction of the blood vessels in the brain. The magnesium levels in your body help to reduce the change of shape of the blood vessels, thus decreasing headaches.

Severe headache

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