9 Signs And Symptoms You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

3Highs and lows in energy levels

Glucose is used to produce in energy in our bodies. This makes it necessary to maintain healthy and proper levels of sugar in our blood. A deviation from the correct level of sugar will lead to many fluctuations in your energy levels. For example, eating sweets will lead to the pancreas releasing insulin to transport glucose to the cells which will leave you with a rush of energy. However, once the cycle ends you will feel your energy levels drop as your body will crave for more sugar.


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Unhealthy snacks should be avoided

Avoid eating unhealthy snacks, especially sweets to maintain your energy levels. It would be much better if you choose to eat healthy fats and lean proteins. Eating healthy will help you get “real’ energy for your body. This will help in leveling the amount of sugar in your blood and will not cause any spikes or dips in your energy levels.


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Insulin levels tend to spike and the process of glycation or bonding of sugar to protein molecules also starts when we eat foods containing high amounts of sugar. Upon entering the bloodstream glucose launches a series of complicated physiological processes which can ultimately cause inflammation and skin issues. Such a boost in insulin can increase the activity of oil glands in your skin which activates the inflammatory processes.


Consequently, a sugar-rich diet is associated with a higher risk of acne flare-ups. If no medical treatment can help you remedy your unruly skin then it is time to change your diet habits. There is no need to completely cut sugar from your life entirely, but you just need to reduce the foods that contain sugar in your diet.

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5Weight gain

Noticing that your jeans feel tighter around your waist as compared to before always comes as an unpleasant surprise. You never would’ve thought that this could be the result of all the sweets, cakes, and chocolates you indulged in. This is the most obvious sign which tells you that you have overdone it with your consumption of sugar.

The excessive fat from the snacks and sweets which you consumed are stored in your midsection. Furthermore, a high level of sugar increases the production of insulin which chooses to store this excess fat in your belly rather than storing it elsewhere.


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