11 Signs and Symptoms That Your Body Needs More Folic Acid

In studying folic acid deficiencies, a research was done on adults stating that 400 micrograms folic acid should be consumed in a day by The Institute of Medicine situated in US. The repair and production of DNA and red blood cells require a substance named Folate or vitamin B9 and it is important for our health. Lacking in folate, you can develop anemia,  or your organs may not function properly due to a decrease in the oxygen supply. You may also experience various other symptoms that you will learn here. This article shows you a list of symptoms which are experienced when there is a decrease of folic acid in your body.


1When is folate most important

Folate is most important for women in pregnancy. Folate deficiency in pregnancy can lead to severe child defects. While you may get your folate from food, a pregnant woman may also need to take supplements as prescribed by a doctor. Folate is required in a developing fetus to ensure that the spinal cord and brain develops perfectly. It also contributes to red blood cell production vital for transporting oxygen to the body.

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2Cognitive problems

The central nervous system of every human body requires folic acid. You can experience depression, poor concentration, forgetfulness and irritation if you are deficit of this vitamin. You can develop various disorders like Alzheimer’s, or dementia if you don’t consume sufficient amount of folate and don’t cure the defeciency properly.

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3Body pains

Being deficit of folate can dangerously lead to anemia where the supply of oxygen to your brain decreases enormously. You start getting a headache as the arteries in your brain start swelling up. Other than your brain, there are many other parts in your body which require oxygen and are deficit of iron like your legs and chest.

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4Pale skin

The red blood cells in your body contain a protein called hemoglobin which helps in supplying oxygen to different parts of your body from your lungs. There is a decrease in red blood cells when the amount of folate in your body decreases, thus causing a decrease in the supply of oxygen to even your internal organs. Fatigue, muscle weakness, pale skin, numbness sensation in your feet and hands are the symptoms which are experienced.

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