Possible signs and Manifestations of Stress you should not ignore

While a certain amount of stress does help in completing the tasks on hand, it
is worthwhile to note the impact of excessive stress on our body. Sometimes small ailments which keep coming back from time to time can really get under your skin. Over the counter medicines may or may not help at all times. Soon
you are left wondering about this pattern. Did you know that stress can manifest into illnesseses in your body? Let us take a look at some of these:


Some Signs of Stress:

1 Feeling sweaty or shivery

Even thinking of a stressful situation can cause harm to your body. Sudden unexplained sweaty feeling alternating with shivering can set all alarm bells on. When nothing comes from your visit to the doctor you must immediately do all you can to reduce your stress.

Feeling sweaty or shivery

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2 Panic Attacks

You think of some event which has already happened or would take place in the near future and suddenly experience fast heartbeats also known as palpitations or a pounding heart. This is one of the symptoms of a panic attack and can throw you off balance.

Panic Attacks

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3 The urge to Use the Rest Room Often

You have a meeting or an important exam coming up soon and suddenly you get the urge to empty your bowels more often. This happens very frequently and you don’t have any control over it. If everything else is normal and you find yourself in this situation, know that your stress levels are high.

man running for washroom

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4 Body Aches and Pains

Sudden unexplained body aches and pains that don’t seem to go away even with medicines and keep popping up every now and then can be directly connected to stress.

Body Aches and Pains

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5 Headaches

When you go to bed with a bad headache and wake up with it, not feeling refreshed after the night, know that your stress levels are high.


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6 Catching the Common Cold frequently

When you find yourself catching the common cold quite often, you need to address your stress. It is a known fact that staying in constant stress weakens the body’s immunity.

Catching the Common Cold frequently

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7 Getting Irritated at the Slightest of Matters

When you find yourself getting irritated at the slightest of issues which do not deserve so much attention, your stress levels could be high. Anger is another manifestation of stress.

Getting Irritated at the Slightest of Matters

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8 Eating Issues

Eating too much also known as binge eating can be a manifestation of severe stress. At the same time eating too little known as anorexia can also be related to excessive stress. Any change in eating habits must be taken into account.

Eating Issues

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9 Loss of Interest in Personal Appearance

If you find that suddenly you do not care much about how you look, your appearance is getting clumsier by the day and you do not have the interest either to look neat and tidy, you need to work on reducing your stress levels.

Loss of Interest in Personal Appearance

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10 Hair Loss

Hair loss which continues without any specific physical illness can be directly related to stress. It can cause your body to attack your hair follicles leading to hair fall.


Stress manifests in various ways in our body making us ill. But take heart as there are ways to reduce stress and regain good health. Meditation, physical exercise, eating a well balanced diet, listening to soothing music, talking to friends or anyone whom you can confide in, are some things you could do to counter the stress in your life. So don’t wait for these symptoms to get worse. Take the necessary steps to regain health and welcome peace in your life.

 Hair Loss

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