10 Early Signs of Anal Cancer That Many Are Too Embarrassed To Talk About

9Difficulty passing stools

Constipated patients might confuse this as their problem, but anal cancer does not stem from just hard stool. The blockage here is because of an anal cancer tumor obstructing the way. Again the feeling may seem like constipation or pain and pressure in the belly and possible pain once you manage to go, but do not take it lightly and see a doctor when such things happen.

Difficulty passing stools

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10Anal Swelling

Constant irritation of itching, allergies, pinworms, yeast etc all these can form a nasty swelling all around the anus region making it uncomfortable to lie down or sit. Usually, it’s triggered through anal itching as discussed earlier called Pruritus Ani which is irritation of skin near the rectum.

Anal Swelling

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11 Fecal incontinence

If a patient is undergoing regular fecal inconsistencies, instead of self medicating for diarrhea, one must rush to the doctor as it’s a red flag for anal cancer. This symptom is always accompanied by gas, bloating, swollen muscles and nerve damage, typical complications caused by cancer.

Fecal incontinence

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12Anal abscess

When small glands located inside the anus gets clogged, we have the classic case of an anal abscess. This is usually caused by bacterial infection occurred in the tissues. The abscess itself will be quite draining, but it points towards a more dangerous problems like anal cancer, pain and swelling in anus, fever, chills and fatigue and needs instant hospitalization.

Anal abscess

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The risk factors of anal cancer


• HPV (Human papiloma Virus)
• Other cancers like cervix cancer, vaginal cancer, penile cancer
• Multiple partners
• Smoking
• Gender ethnicity

The risk factors of anal cancer

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13How to prevent anal cancer

The causes of many anal cancers is unknown which is why there isn’t much information to prevent the disease, but there is much you can do to decrease the risk of the disease such as:

• Usage of Condoms
• Continuation of HIV treatments and medication
• Quitting smoking

How to prevent anal cancer

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