10 Early Signs of Anal Cancer That Many Are Too Embarrassed To Talk About

5Discharge from the Anus

In case of anal cancer the discharge is usually mucus which is a sure sign of cancer. Usually, the mucus is wrapped around the stool if this happens frequently; go see your doctor immediately.

Discharge from the Anu

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6Lump Outside the Anus

If you notice a lump outside your anus, you should start monitoring it. If the lump increases in size, it’s a tumor. Once the tumor increases, pain will soon follow, because that means it’s growing and spreading all across the body.

Lump Outside the Anus

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7Unusual Bowel Movements

The symptoms of anal cancer are unfortunately similar to many other trivial diseases and infections. But chronic unusual bowel movements should be closely monitored. If you are going to much or too little to the washroom, contact your specialist immediately.

Unusual Bowel Movements

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8Anal fissure

Another painful sign of possible anal cancer is the rupturing of the anoderm which is the tissue line between anus and anal canal. Most of the time due to trauma or cancer this tissue fissures, causing extreme pain during bowel movements, creating more ripping and abrasions in an area which is dense with sensory nerves.

Anal fissure

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