Shocking Reasons Why You Must Never Shake Your Baby Which Can Be Fatal

Quite a few parents shake their babies to sleep instead of rocking them. It inevitably happens with a cranky baby and of course as many mothers will tell you, putting a baby to sleep is one of the hardest things to do. However, you must never shake a baby as it could have some serious ramifications and harm the baby damaging her for life. Shaking a baby is lethal and can cause permanent brain damage. Here are several reasons why you should never shake a baby.

1 It can be fatal and cause brain hemorrhage

Most mothers will shake a baby when they are on the verge of breaking point with a crying and cranky baby but that result of your exasperation will have serious results so don’t do it. Shaking a baby can cause a brain hemorrhage that can cause several damaging conditions or even death.

Shaking kids causes brain hemorrhage

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2 Blindness

When raising a child, you need to be gentle in your handling. Although it is common belief that rocking a baby helps it to sleep. It is dangerous to a baby and child’s health. Blindness is one such condition that can result from shaking a baby. If bleeding in brain occurs, it could soon filter down to the eyes.

Shaking babies causes Blindness

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3 Speech and learning impairment

Even older children should never be shaken. A child suffering from the results of being shaken up may soon face problems later on in life such as speech impairment, mental retardation and inability to learn.

Playing with kids

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