See what instant noodles do inside your stomach, after you eat them


Instant noodles or processed noodles are staple food in many cultures. Mostly those cultures include cash strapped college students and artists. Apart from them, children, adults also love these instant noodles as they are easy to make. They are also very cheap and make an excellent meal for people looking for quelling that bout of hunger.

With millions of packets sold every year in many countries, these noodles have a market of billions of dollars. Also many documented cases of effects of noodles of health have come forth. Hence the scientists decided to conduct experiments on instant noodles.

1 The Experiment

Dr. Braden Kuo of Massachusetts General Hospital used a pill sized camera in order to record and view what happens after eating instant noodles in the digestive tract. He used a very common brand of noodles called Ramen noodles. He filmed a total of 32 hours of footage.

The Experiment

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2 The result

Dr.Kuo found out that even after 2 hours after eating them, the instant noodles are intact. In comparison, homemade noodles had started to get digested.

This means that instant noodles put tremendous strain on the digestive system. This makes the digestive tract work hard to process the noodles. Staying in the system for so long, noodles also impact the nutrient absorption; thought noodles don’t have any nutrients
The noodles are also very high in additives like toxic preservative Tertiary-Butyl HydroQuinone (TBHQ).

The result

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