13 Compelling Secrets the Beauty Industry Does Not Want You to Know

10Cleanse your skin thoroughly

Debra Jaliman a dermatologist says that one should never go to bed with their makeup. BY doing so, the makeup will block your pores and that results in inflammation. It may sound a simple thing to do, but there are many women who ignore this and fall off to sleep with makeup on.

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11Always take off your bra before going to bed

This is extremely important. Many leave their bra on when they go to bed and several women do so because they may have heard this information that it makes the breasts perkier. A tight or wired bra can restrict circulation that will cause health problems. It can also cause skin irritation and can darken the skin beneath the straps and the wire.

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12Washing your face with soap

Soap can dry your skin and deteriorate the protective layer of the skin when used frequently. This results in acne breakout. Also, remove your aggressive cleansers that contain SLS or sodium laureth sulfate. Instead, you should opt for gentle foaming creams and cleansing lotions instead.

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13One good ingredient is Aspirin

Aspirin can work wonders for your skin, especially those bikini line bumps. It contains salicylic acid that can exfoliate the top layer of the skin and helps the trapped ingrown hair to pierce through the skin. Just crush 3-4 uncoated pills and make a paste with water. Apply it as a mask to these areas or even your face. You can get rid of pimples in this way. Just leave it on for two minutes and then wash off with soap and water.

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