13 Compelling Secrets the Beauty Industry Does Not Want You to Know

5Store your beauty accessories properly

Your beauty accessories should never be stored in your bathroom. They will expire faster because of being exposed to warm and humid air. Beauty accessories and face creams that aren’t used frequently should always be stored in your fridge.

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6Keep objects that touch your skin clean

According to the experts, you should never ever touch your face when your hands are dirty. Your pillowcases should be changed every week if you have dry or normal skin. If you have oily skin, then change them every three days. Also, you should clean your Smartphone every few days.

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7When you shouldn’t be using scrubs and face sponges

When you have acne, you should never use face sponges and scrubs. Skin specialists advise that abrasive products even if they are for skin care should never be used when you have acne. This is because it increases inflammation.  All skin types need delicate cleaning routine with soap. When you want to reduce the redness and inflammation, make a paste form water and crushed aspirin and apply to the spots.

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8Facial massage can get rid of under eye circles

Beauty experts advise a lymph drainage massage for under eye circles. The process will help stimulate lymph flow and makes the skin smooth. This makes the puffiness and bags disappear. This can be performed at home and is easy to learn.

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9Take care of your hands

Your hands also require a lot of care because the skin on your hands is also thin and delicate. When you do any household chores always wear gloves and don’t forget to moisten your hands regularly with a good cream. You should also apply anti-aging cream on your hands along with your face. And never forget the sunscreen.

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