Scientists formulate new Blood Test for Depression that will prove whether antidepressants will work or not

Even as depression takes its toll on millions of people worldwide, Doctors are yet to formulate or prescribe an effective medication for the problem. The biggest disadvantage is the inability to pinpoint which antidepressant works best for a particular individual suffering from various manifestations of the disease.

But hope is now here in the form of a new blood test for depression that will allow doctors to prescribe personalized medication in relation to the specifics of a patient’s condition.

1 Several million people suffer from depression in the US alone

In the US alone, over 15 million people suffer from various forms of depression or even a lethal combination of insomnia, fatigue, guilt depression and sadness. The condition without treatment can lead to suicide. 11% of young people above 12 are on antidepressants which may not actually work. The biggest reason being the current medical inability to pinpoint a customized form of medication.

The various factors causing depression make it is so complicated that Patients end up jumping wildly from one medication to the next without much improvement. This ultimately results in addictions and severe frustration. According to Leanne Williams professor of Psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford, “The disability and the real distress of experiencing depression often comes in the trial and error process that can go on for several years,”

people suffer from depression in the US

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