‘There Is Now A Cure’: Scientists Have Discovered an Antibody They Claim Blocks Coronavirus Infections Effectively

4It forms a protective shield

This cocktail of antibodies forms some kind of ‘protective shield’ over human cells, which prevents the virus causing COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2 from entering and infecting the cells. It blocks the virus from entering the human cells via the ACE2 receptor on the surface of the cells.

It forms a protective shield

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5It also prevents the virus from infecting cells

According to what was observed in the lab experiments, not only does it prevent the virus from infecting the cells, but it wraps around the virus and removes it from the body. A virus cannot survive without entering and latching on to a human cell. Thus, an antibody is effective in eliminating the virus before it gets a chance to infect the cells.

Scientists Have Discovered an Antibody They Claim Blocks  Coronavirus Infections

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6Antibodies are being widely studied for the purpose of developing a vaccine for COVID-19

The use of antibodies to treat the coronavirus is being explored by multiple universities and companies around the world. The antibody which was discovered by Sorrento belongs to a class called ‘neutralizing’ or binding antibodies. These antibodies can specifically and completely bind to the part of a virus that fits like a key in a lock with parts of human cells. Dr. Derek Lowe, an organic chemist writing for Science Translation Medicine stated that these antibodies are effective in blocking the virus while stimulating an immune response.

Female scientist working in the CDC laboratory.

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7Other antibodies haven’t showed success

Other types of antibodies haven’t been able to entirely block the virus’s effects. Instead, some of them can accidentally allow the virus to enter the human cells easily. However, potential neutralizing antibodies can act as ‘temporary vaccines’ which can prevent people, who haven’t contracted the coronavirus, from getting infected with it.

Other antibodies havent showed success

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