Scientist discovered a cure for Cancer 50 years ago, which has been kept a secret till now

In the last decade, a number of research studies and discoveries of new cancer remedies have made headline news. Scientists have been fortunate enough to obtain amazing results in cures for brain cancer, leukemia and various cancers. But what most people don’t know or may have forgotten is that, one of the pioneers of cancer research, who found the most amazing cure for cancer, curing most of her patients, was Dr. Johanna Budwig.

Nominated six times for the Nobel Prize for cancer research, this remarkable lady scientist had formulated a fascinating remedy for cancer known as the Budwig Protocol in as early as 1950. But what’s unusual about this fact is that her own remedies earned the ire of pharmaceutical companies and as a result had her discoveries suppressed vehemently which is why nothing much is known about this incredible woman.

1 Doctor Joanna Budwig Believed In Natural Therapies As Opposed To Pharmaceuticals

Doctor Johanna Budwig effectively cured her own cancer patients using natural non-toxic ingredients. Although, she desired that her research be used for the benefit of the public, American doctors disagreed. After all, the commercial medicine market is a huge ball game which no one wanted to upset.

The Pharmaceutical industry thrives on deriving various formulations for cancer. Medicine is a big profitable business. But as ironical as it sounds, the pharmaceutical business thrives on disease without which there would be a big loss. Thus, it can safely be said that cancer is good business. Dr. Budwig’s protocol was simple yet effective. She believed in introducing healthy fats into the body and removing those that diminished oxygen in the body. She also believed in plenty of sunlight, which is a rich source of the anti-cancer agent Vitamin D3.

Doctor Joanna Budwig

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