Rely on these nutrients to avoid dry skin, weak nails and unhealthy hair

Do you suffer from symptoms like dry skin, weak nails, unhealthy hair, cracked lips or similar signs that point towards poor health? You may be lacking the vital nutrients that play a key role in ensuring health of these parts. Rely on the following nutrients to regain the beauty and glow. Read along to know how each of these significantly contribute to your beauty.

1 Vitamin A

If you wish to have healthy and replenished skin cells, you need to make sure you have the right intake of Vitamin A. The deficiency of Vitamin A may even lead to dry and unhealthy skin.

Vitamin A

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2 Vitamin C

Body builds collagen with the help of Vitamin C. This essential vitamin also works as an important antioxidant flushing out the toxins from the body. Cleansing the body internally ensures better skin health.

Vitamin C

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3 Vitamin E

Vitamin E is yet another important vitamin that works as an antioxidant. It helps effectively to eliminate scars and avoid wrinkles and other skin problems. Vitamin E also works effectively to create more red blood vessels that are good for overall health.

Vitamin E

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4 Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 ensures proper cell growth and good cell growth is vital to ensure proper skin health.

Vitamin B2

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5 Vitamin B5

Another vitamin that contributes greatly to skin health is Vitamin B5.

Apart from the above mentioned vitamins, there are other minerals too that contribute to skin health. These include zinc, selenium, fatty acids and sulphur. Each of these minerals are known to significantly contribute to skin health and ensure that you remain healthy and beautiful.

Vitamin B5

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