11 Main Reasons Why Your Fingers Are Swollen and When to Be Concerned

Do you suffer from finger swelling and don’t know what it is? You could be having arthritis where the inflammation results in painful joint swelling but if that is not the case, it could be excess salt after a heavy salty meal. Swollen fingers can be really uncomfortable where you could get stuck and not come off. There are many reasons why fingers could swell and frequent occurrence of the problem called dactylitis could mean serious health problems. If you suddenly see your fingers swelling, you should consult a doctor immediately. Here are ten common causes of swollen fingers.


1 Heat and hot weather

According to Tammy Olsen Utset MD, MPH and associate professor at the Chicago University Rheumatology department, blood vessels can expand due to heat which escapes through your skin including fingers to cool down your skin. The stretching of the vessels makes a little fluid leak into the soft tissues of the skin such as the fingers. This creates puffiness and swelling.

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The swelling can recede

Dr. Utset also says that once you start using your hands with regular activity, this particular type of swelling will recede. However if the swelling and puffiness are only found on the hands and fingers without any swelling in the legs and if you start experiencing a weak grip, the problem may not be due to heat and could be something else. In this case, immediately consult your doctor.

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2 Excess salt

Too much salty process foods, fast food, and fried chicken, salty chips, French fries, and guac may also cause sausage fingers. Your body needs to have a perfect balance of salt to water. Consuming excess salt makes the body retain water which results in water retention and swelling. This type of swelling will vanish in a day or two but how long it lasts also depends on the amount of salt in the body. Even if after reducing salt intake, you still find selling, see your doctor.

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3 Osteoarthritis

When the finger joints are enlarged and you can’t even get your rings over your knuckles, it could be due to osteoarthritis which is also an age-related factor and occurs mostly in the mornings. The cushioning tissues of the joints are worn down causing the pain and stiffness.

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Rheumatoid arthritis

InRheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease, the lining of the joints cause the swelling? RA is not an age-related disease and can attack anyone. The swelling usually occurs on the wrists and finger joints. Ice packs, relaxation, rest and exercise can reduce and manage the pain. In severe cases, a doctor may recommend pain relievers.

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