Proven benefits of Surya namaskar on human body

Sun plays a very crucial role in sustaining and nurturing life on earth. It is the main source of all energy for all the forms existing on our planet. Solar energy is present in everything we eat, breathe, or drink. We cannot imagine a day without the sun and hence, it is of utmost importance that we worship and spend a few minutes daily, connecting with this supreme power that rules our planet.


1 About Surya namaskar

Surya namaskar or sun salutation is an ancient yogic way of expressing gratitude and honoring the sun. It is a set of 12 yoga postures that is usually done as soon as the sun rises. Surya namaskar has a lot of benefits and can be done easily at the comfort of your home. If practiced regularly and in a proper manner, it can work wonders on your skin, body, mind, and overall health.

Any person in any age group can follow the simple yoga postures of Surya namaskar and enjoy its positive effects. It is a simple way of leading a healthy, disease-free and active lifestyle. It not only boosts your immunity, but also improves your blood circulation and cardiovascular health, along with lowering the stress levels and detoxifying your body. Each and every part of your body is benefited by this humble yogic technique.


Listed below are some major health benefits of Surya namaskar for your reference. Those of you who follow it are already gearing up for a long and healthy life, and those of you who haven’t started practicing it yet should definitely pick it up at the earliest. After all, health is wealth!

About Surya namaskar

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2 Improves your digestive system

If Surya namaskar is followed regularly and faithfully as per the instructions, it benefits the entire body functioning. To start with, your complete digestive system will benefit from these 12 yoga postures. The alternate stretching and compression of the abdominal organs help in strengthening and improving the digestive system including the stomach, intestines, pancreas, liver, etc.

Surya namaskar also helps in curing constipation or other stomach/digestive ailments like dyspepsia or indigestion. For best results, a person suffering from digestion issues should daily practice surya namaskar on an empty stomach.

Improves your digestive system

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3 Detoxifies your body

The benefits of Surya namaskar are not limited to improving your digestive system alone; it also helps in detoxifying or purifying your body. The active inhalation and exhalation process results in well-ventilated lungs and oxygenated blood that are crucial for a healthy body and active mind.

The change from one posture to another requires some hard work that leads to a lot of sweating. Sweat helps in getting rid of the toxic impurities in the body, resulting in an improved functioning of the spleen. This toxin release from your body ensures you look and feel radiant and fresh always.

Detoxifies your body

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4 Improves flexibility and posture

Regular yoga, especially Surya namaskar, improves flexibility and overall posture. You can start slow and gradually pick up pace to transform from one posture to another. This renders agility to your body and also improves your body frame, as your body learns to bend, kneel, and stretch in a proper way. The stretching of muscles, back, hand, legs, and neck renders flexibility to your body and also helps in correcting your body shape.

You can also feel your spine becoming stronger while your waist becomes slimmer and more flexible. If done properly and followed efficiently, Surya namaskar can also result in an increased height and better body control.

Improves flexibility and posture

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5 Overall weight loss and body toning

Some people, especially youngsters, doubt the benefits of surya namaskar and feel it isn’t an effective workout for weight loss or body toning. Though the result is a little delayed as compared to gym and aerobic workout techniques, it is a long lasting and a much healthier way of losing weight. Also, if followed rigorously and properly, you can lose weight much faster without even bothering to go on a strict diet.

A slow Surya namaskar routine helps in toning your body as it gives your body parts quite some time to stretch and compress. On the other hand, if these 12 sequences are done at a fast pace, it turns out to be a good cardiovascular workout and helps in burning a lot of calories and even in getting rid of unwanted fats around your belly, arms, chest and thighs. Aside from losing weight and fats, the set of postures in Surya namaskar strengthens your muscles, ligaments and joints, as well as your skeletal system.

Overall weight loss and body toning

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6 Keeps you youthful and active

All of us want to look young and beautiful. We spend or rather, waste money on cosmetics and pricey treatments but end up looking the same after a few days or weeks. Surya namaskar is the easiest and quickest natural technique to maintain and uplift your youth and youthful buoyancy.

Surya namaskar improves your blood circulation which in turn helps in retaining or even bringing back the long lost glow on your skin. Perspiration removes toxins from your system and the blood full of oxygen travels around your body in the healthiest possible manner. It not only keeps your body healthy from the inside, but also makes you look radiant and ageless. A healthy skin keeps wrinkles at bay and preserves your timeless beauty for years.

Keeps you youthful and active

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7 Other benefits of Surya Namaskar

The benefits of Surya namaskar are innumerable. All the organs, internal as well as external, greatly benefit from this yogic set of 12 postures. Surya namaskar is an exhaustive subject and we recommend you to learn and gain as much as you can about this precious practice. We have tried to cover the major benefits in this article however, for your quick reference. Some more benefits of Surya namaskar are stated below:

  • Stimulates the nervous system and keeps you away from stress and anxiety
  • Boosts your immunity and overall health
  • Improves concentration, mental, and psychic power
  • Strengthens and renders flexibility to the uterus enabling easy child birth and promoting regular menstrual cycles
  • Cures insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • Improves sexual ability and power, in both men and women
  • Good blood circulation prevents hair fall, balding and graying of hair
  • Eradicates kidney troubles and regulates the internal organs
  • The stretching of neck helps in regulating thyroid functions and in removing double chin and prominent Adam’s apple
Other benefits of Surya Namaskar

Other benefits of Surya Namaskar

The benefits of Surya namaskar are not limited to what has been mentioned here. You have to experience it to realize the true power of Surya namaskar and yoga. Treat your body to this beautiful technique and watch it give back to you in the best possible way.


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