15 Sure Shot Ways to Prevent Middle-Age Weight Gain

Studies have shown that after the age of 20, our metabolism rate degrades every decade by 2%. As we grow older, our activities and physical movements also decrease. A middle-aged person usually faces weight gain and health problems because of little physical activity, bad eating habits and a decrease in metabolic rate. To maintain your weight and increase metabolism, you need to abide by healthy practices which this article will teach you. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising is extremely necessary when you have to maintain your weight. For keeping your body healthy and in good shape, it is necessary to increase your metabolic rate. As your metabolism rate decreases, various side effects and health problems soon follow ruining your efforts to lose weight and be in good health. Here are 15 Strategies to avoid middle-age weight gain and increase your metabolism rate.


1 Visit a doctor

Suprarenal gland disorders and thyroid problems are usually the reasons for weight gain in middle-aged people. Thyroid gland disorders usually cause weight gain because of a decrease in the basal metabolism rate . It is necessary to have your endocrine system checked regularly or visit your family doctor or an endocrinologist to understand the changes in your body if any and to know the health status of your metabolic system.

Visit a doctor

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2Stick to your daily routine

Recent studies have proven that weight gain is also caused due to a scarcity of sleep as it increases the craving for food. By remaining awake for longer hours, your body requires more energy, thus making you feel hungry. Your midnight cravings make you eat more resulting the increase in weight.

Stick to your daily routine

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3Never skip breakfast

We should not skip any meals especially breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it vitalizes your metabolisms in the morning and keeps it refreshed the whole day. Oatmeal with nuts and other dry fruits along with an omelet with herbs and vegetables can be a nutritious breakfast rich in fiber and vitamins. Your day can start right if you have a nutritious breakfast. More, a complete healthy breakfast keeps you satiated during the day preventing you to gorge on food to satisfy hunger pangs.

Never skip breakfast

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4Be active!

Our daily physical activities have decreased since the advancement of technology. Working from home and part-time jobs have become the latest trend in today’s society resulting in a decrease in our physical activities. Living a sedentary life leads to giving us ‘Muffin tops’ –back cellulite and “love handles”- as well as upper arm cellulite which is extremely hard to get rid of. To decrease the risk of getting fat, staying healthy and maintaining a good shape, you need to exercise 3 times a week and walk daily.

Be active!

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5What you can do if you sit prolonged periods of time at work

Given the fact that work doesn’t permit us gym sessions, there is much you can do to get physical exercise. At work itself take a break and perform stretches there itself to improve circulation. Instead of an elevator take the stairs. In a break go for a brisk walk. If you work from home make it appoint to take a 45-minute break and workout by walking for 15 minutes, 10 minutes stair climbing and 15 minutes of cardio with stretches. Maintain a healthy diet and avoid refined sugar.

stretching your back at work

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