14 Pressure Points to Help You Get Rid Of Irritating Aches and Pains

11The Sea of Vitality Point

The sea of vitality is found just 2 or 4 fingers away from the spine on either side and on the waistline. It provides relief from abdominal issues like indigestion, stomach pain and bloating. Pressure needs to be applied for one minute. There are other stomach pressure points known as the Center of Energy which is located above the navel and the sea of energy is located 2 cm below the navel. These pressure points also provide relief from issues like pain, constipation, emotional stress, heartburn and gas.


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12The Triple Heater 6 Point

The Triple Heater Point can also be found just about three inches above the wrist. It can also provide relief from bloating and gas. Pressure needs to be applied for one minute on one arm and then the other until the results are felt.


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13The Kunlun Mountains Point

A famous acupressure point known as the Kunlun Mountains, it can be found between the Achilles tendon on the back of your foot and the ankle. The point is good for relief from back pain, neck and shoulder pain. You need to apply firm pressure for one minute.


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14The Crooked Pond Point

This is one acupressure point that is found on the elbow. You can locate it in the crease of the elbow when it is bent. The point is best for issues like hay fever, allergy, cold, and sore throat. It also improves the immune system. First bend the elbow, then apply the pressure with thumb and forefinger and keep it there for a minute. Change and repeat with other arm. There are several hundred pressure points in the human body and many of them are available on research in the internet. You can easily study all and find one that helps you the most.


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