14 Pressure Points to Help You Get Rid Of Irritating Aches and Pains

Accupuncture and Acupressure have been around for centuries and have time and again been proven also by research to provide a range of benefits from pain, to stress and rejuvenation of the body. In acupuncture, various meridians or pressure points are stimulated to improve function, reduce pain and stress and for general well being. Acupressure also works in similar ways where the pressure points on a body are regarded to be associated to corresponding organs and linked throughout the body. Thus it helps restore balance and promotes energy flow throughout the body to relieve problems like nausea, stress, pain and symptoms of disease. Here are some well known pressure points of the body and what they are known for.


1 The Three Miles Point

The three miles point is located just below the knee cap. To locate it you need to measure a small distance of 1.5 inches below the knee cap. The pressure point is known to improve the function of the digestive system and also provide relief from stomach ache and nausea. It can also stop vomiting. You need to keep your legs bent and apply the pressure for a whole minute.

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2The Third Eye Point

This is one of the popular pressure points steeped in oriental mysticism. Its location is between the eyebrows and it can help with chronic fatigue, headaches, depression and stress. You need to apply your thumb or forefinger to the point and apply the pressure gently for a minute.

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3The Pericardium Point

This is a pressure point that is located just 3 fingers from your wrist on your forearm and between the two tendons. It is called Nei Guan or simply P6. Just turn your hand over palm facing upwards and then apply a downward pressure between the two tendons while also massaging and stimulating it for 5 seconds. The point provides relief from nausea, vomiting and motion sickness.

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4The Tong Zi Liao Point

Known by its English name as the pupil bone hole and is located in the outer canthus of the eye in a small depression on the lateral side of the orbit or in the corner of the eye. It provides relief from migraines and eye fatigue. The point needs to be massaged gently till one feels relief.

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5The Big Rushing Point

The Big Rushing Point or LV3 as it is called is on the liver meridian and can be found between the big toe and second toe where the bones meet. It can help in exam preparation as well as provide relief from headaches, eye fatigue, foot cramps and improves concentration. Just hold onto the point gently for 2 minutes and repeat thrice a day for best results. It can also treat headaches and exhaustion.

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