Press the right finger for 60 seconds. You will be amazed by the effects of this trick…

3 Middle finger

The middle finger is actually linked and connected to the heart, small intestine, blood and the respiratory system. If you have any trouble breathing or are breathing too heavily, just put pressure on the middle finger to get some relief from the uneasiness.

Since the middle finger is also connected to the respiratory system and the heart, every time you feel uneasy at high altitudes or cannot fall asleep especially while traveling, all you need to do is apply adequate amount of pressure, without hurting the finger and you will feel relaxed.

Middle finger

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4 Ring finger

The ring finger is related to your moods. So whenever you are feeling angry, or sad or depressed, just massage the ring finger for 60 seconds or so and you will start to feel better. Moods are also dependent on situations and are related to your mental health, but by massaging your finger and putting pressure on it, you distract your brain and the focus of the brain turns to the massage or the pressure and given the connection between the ring finger and moods, doing so will help you a lot.

Ring finger

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