11 Things That Tell You if Your Pooping Habits are Normal or Not

Speaking crap can make sense sometimes and when it concerns your poop, it does speak a lot about your health which is why we have a stool test where the lab even tests its odor too. But  there are other factors too which you won’t get in a stool report and that’s how often you go, how you go, when you go, and how long you go which matters a lot and speaks tons about your present condition as well as addressing your own concerns whether its normal or not.

What’s normal and what’s not

According to gastroenterologists the average person goes once a day while some may go more and that not pooping for a day or two isn’t something to be alarmed about. Here are things your pooping habits say about you.

What’s normal and what’s not

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1There is no rule that you should go once a day

Fine, if you go once a day, it’s ok but if you find yourself wanting to crap again in the evening, then relax!! Don’t reach for pills to clog you up. It could have been something you ate that caused you to go a second time; perhaps you ate more fiber which is a good thing.  There is no hard and fast rule that a day pooper can’t go more often.  It could be a simple reason of diet or it could be something as complex as a stomach infection. Says Kyle Staller, MD, a gastroenterologist at Massachusetts General Hospital. “At the end of the day, we define anything less than three times a week as abnormal,”


It’s important to recognize the signs where an infection will invariably be accompanied with loose stools with mucus, intense stomach pain, even bloating or nausea and vomiting in which case you need a doctor. If you are producing regular poop twice a day, maybe it would be an nice change. You’re clearing all the crap out of your system. However if your sudden routine goes out of control with frequent pooping that seems a stomach upset and is making your social life awkward, then see a doctor.

There is no rule that you should go once a day

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2You suddenly stop pooping

It’s not unusual for people to suddenly stop crapping for one or two days.  The frequent routine of crapping daily creates more of a psychological impact on you if you stop pooping. Relax! If it isn’t ready to come out, don’t strain. Never Strain!! You could burst blood vessels or even acquire a condition of piles or hemorrhoids.

Constipation doesn’t necessarily mean you stop pooping; you could be taking a crap everyday and still be constipated. If your stool is hard and comes out in little pieces, then you may be constipated which could be due to lack of fiber. The average US adult needs 25 -38 gms of fiber a day but research has found this figure to be just 15%. Start eating more fruits and veggies and drink a lot of water. Moreover, if you stop pooping for a day, then give it some time; you may have a real healthy satisfying crap the next day. Not going for just one day or two isn’t a reason to reach for a laxative yet.

You suddenly stop pooping

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3Pooping regularly is a good thing

If you are going regular dot on time, then that’s a good thing which also means your digestive system is healthy.   But if you aren’t regular and can poop at various parts of the day, then it isn’t anything to worry about. The reason for people to go first thing in the morning is because a heavy meal is eaten in the evening and your body has had hours to digest and travel to the position in your bowel making your body ready to poop. But, since you sleep in a horizontal position, the pressure isn’t felt until you awake in the morning and stand up.

Several people also poop in the evening after returning from work simply because that’s the time they get to relax and have a healthy bowel movement according to Lisa Ganjhu DO, FACG, AGAF,  and associate professor of medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Pooping regularly is a good thing

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