Apply this plastic stomach wrap to your abdomen and watch the incredible results!!


Body fat especially in the visceral section is one of the most stubborn factors of weight gain. While it may be easy to lose fat from other parts of the body, visceral or abdominal fat is difficult and may take months. But! For all those struggling to lose fat around their mid section, here is an effective remedy that is known to work extremely well in reducing those chubby rolls around your stomach.

The plastic stomach wrap is a fantastic new method where you wrap your mid section with a plastic bandage to make you lose weight. A mother with three kids tried the plastic wrap and it helped her reduce almost 2.5 inches off her stomach waistline.

1 Use a natural seaweed cream

The method to apply the plastic wrap is simple. You will require a topical cream that is safe for external use on your skin. Natural creams like those containing seaweed or kelp are best. Even a mud mask would be beneficial. Seaweed used in a body wrap helps remove toxins from the body. By virtue of its properties it promotes elasticity of skin and even reduces cellulite. Seaweed skin also works as a great moisturizer.


The best way to find out if a product doesn’t affect your skin in a negative way is to apply it on a small portion of your skin. If there are no allergic reactions like itching or rash, it is safe.

apply the plastic wrap

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