16 Pictures to Show You Which Muscles You Should Stretch

6Pelvic muscles stretching

This includes the adductor muscles and hamstrings. Just squat on the floor and keep your legs stretched wide. Try not to bend your knees. Now while sliding your arms over your shins keep them placed slightly behind you, bend forwards and pull your upper body after them.

Image Source: brightside.me


7Shoulder side stretching

This stretches the side delts muscles. You need to keep your arms straight across your body and then press it with the other hand slightly to intensify the stretch. Repeat with the alternate arm. This is good for post workouts to increase circulation, loosen out your arms muscles and oxygenate them.


Image Source: www.jinjiniao.com

8Neck back muscles stretching

This stretch involves the Traps. In a standing position and keeping your legs together, push your hips backwards slowly. Using your hands, bend your head forward and attempt to touch your chest with your chin.


Image Source: baomoi.zadn.vn

9Extended triangle pose

This stretches the abdominal external oblique muscles. Keep your feet straight and a bit wider than the shoulder width. Arms should be extended to the sides. Now the left foot should be placed 90 degrees to the upper body and the right foot moved outward. Place your right hand on your right shin and keep your back straight while raising your arm. Simultaneously, your pelvis should be moved down and backward. Repeat the alternate side.


Image Source: nosdn.127.net

10Downward facing dog pose near the wall

This is another popular pose that stretches the pectoral muscles and lats. You need to stand some distance away from the wall so that when your upper body bends forward and is parallel to the floor, there is adequate space to touch the wall. Assuming the position in the image, stretch your chest downwards.


Image Source: www.fitsns.cn


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