Origin point of alzheimer’s revealed – New medical research locates region within brain as the ground zero of alzheimer’s

The source of Alzheimer’s has been located. In what could be a milestone in the fight against Alzheimer’s, researchers have located the origins of the disease hiding in a lonely corner of your brain. A small region of the human brain called the Locus Coeruleus has been identified as the area where T-proteins get infected in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Read on to find out how.


1 The Locus Coeruleus, How it affects your Brain?

The locus coeruleus is a small nucleus located in the brain stem and consists of medium sized neurons. It has a bluish tint due to the presence of melanin granules existing within it. The Locus Coeruleus is responsible for producing norepinephrine, an organic neurotransmitter responsible for the smooth function of several physiological processes such as heart rate, memory, attention and cognitive development. Neurons within the Locus coeruleus spread throughout the brain promoting healthy blood circulation. Due to its inter connectivity, it becomes susceptible to inflammation from various toxins invading our bodies. Due to this, it becomes very very difficult for that person to cope on their own in normal day to day life. Especially before the end of their life which is why hospice facility in Lakeside, CA are there to help support you as an individual and a family to get through this difficult period in life.

The Locus Coeruleus, How it affects your Brain?

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2 Brain research show the Locus Coeruleus the primary area for Alzheimer infection

Research conducted using brain autopsies showed that the locus coeruleus is the first area in the brain to display damaged Tau proteins. This was stated by Mara Mather, lead author of the research and Gerontology Professor at USC Davis School of Gerontology. The neurons of our central nervous system contain what are known as Tau proteins or T-proteins responsible for microtubules, components of the cytoskeleton. Microtubules are found abundantly in cell cytoplasm. Research has now shown that Tau proteins present in the locus coeruleus are primarily prone to damage which could lead to Alzheimer’s.

Damaged tau proteins do exist in most people but not all get Alzheimer’s. But those who do, it is the result of damaged Tau proteins in the locus coeruleus. The study was a joint effort between researcher Mara Mathers and co-author, Carolyn Harley, Professor Emeritus of the Memorial University of Newfoundland

Brain research show the Locus Coeruleus the primary area for Alzheimer infection

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3 Believe it or not the Locus Coeruleus also helps prevents Alzheimer’s

In what could be surprising and confusing to most lay persons, the neurotransmitters or norepinephrines released from the locus coeruleus have the power to prevent Alzheimer’s. They are potent combatants against agents that damage neurons and cause Alzheimer’s.


The more you exert your brain with intellectual activity the more powerful it gets. This has been proved in research which observed that levels of norepinephrines increased when the brain was engaged in stimulating and intellectual activity. Thus, solving math problems, solving puzzles, learning an instrument or utilizing your brain power in everyday life is actually good for you. It increases your intelligence.

Neuropinephrines promote conditions for healthy cognitive function that will empower and fortify your brain for stability in old age. Engaging yourself in careers that require you to challenge your mental abilities are particular helpful in strengthening cognitive function and brain power. This actually goes to show that the saying is absolutely true. ‘If you don’t use YOUR BRAINS, they can go RUSTY’.

Believe it or not the Locus Coeruleus also helps prevents Alzheimer’s

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4 The new study in Alzheimer’s predicts hope against arresting the disease

5.3 million People were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2015 in the USA alone. Amongst these 3.2 million were women. Alzheimer’s is among the top ten diseases in the USA which has no cure.

The new study in Alzheimer’s predicts hope against arresting the disease

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Many families worldwide suffer the condition of dealing with Alzheimer’s. It can be heartbreaking to see your loved ones ageing and contracting Alzheimer’s where the quality of life deteriorates considerably. Hopefully the new study concerning the locus coeruleus will equip the medical fraternity with a better understanding of Alzheimer’s for detecting it in the early stages. With further research, the disease can be arrested.


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