This super home remedy cure strep Throat, Sinus Infection and much more

The properties of oregano have been known for centuries where the benefits of oregano tea have been widely used as a traditional herbal remedy for various ailments. Oregano consists of several phytonutrients such as thymol and rosmarinic acid which are powerful antioxidants that contribute to cell repair in the body. As a member of the mint family, oregano is most popular as a seasoning in Italian cuisine.


Oregano leaves contain more than 40 medicinal compounds with antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties that retard the growth of harmful microorganisms in the body. Oregano tea if made correctly can soothe sore throats, clear sinus problems and cure infections. As per studies in the journal of pharmacy and pharmacology, oregano has the potential to prevent colon cancer where it was observed that colon cancer cells died when exposed to oregano extract.

1 The medicinal benefits of oregano tea

The international food journal of sciences and nutrition found that drinking oregano tea contributes to strong antioxidant activity which lowers LDL cholesterol in the body. Oregano tea is the best remedy when you’re feeling ill as its health properties can give you an immunity boost. Here is what Oregano tea is good for.

  • Coughs and colds
  • Nasal congestion
  • Strep throat and flu
  • Headaches and Swollen glands
  • Ear and Sinus Infections
  • Indigestion and heartburn
  • Menstrual Pain and Urinary Problems
  • Constipation and Parasites
  • Fatigue and Back pain
The medicinal benefits of oregano tea

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2 How to make Oregano tea

Fresh leaf ingredients: 2 cups water: 1 ½ tbsp fresh oregano leaves: 2 cups water


Fresh Leaf tea Instructions: Boil 2 cups of water: Chop finely oregano and place them in two cups: Pour water over oregano leaves into cups: brew for 5-10 minutes before drinking.

How to make Oregano tea

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3 For Dry Leaf tea Ingredients

2 cups of water: 1 tbsp dried oregano

Dry Leaf Instructions: Boil 2 cups of water: Divide dried oregano into the 2 cups: Pour the water over the leaves into the cups: brew for a few minutes before drinking.

Dry Leaf tea Ingredients

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Watch the video for an interesting recipe to get the benefits of oregano tea.


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