Onions Are A Natural Remedy For Almost Every Common Illnesses – Here Are 14 Surprising Ways To Use Them!

Almost everyone makes the same mistake when it comes to food. We all think food is about appearance, and how good and delicious it looks. We’re all being served Photoshoped ads of perfectly looking hamburgers that have no healthy value whatsoever.


But food is not about appearance and it’s not about how good it looks. It’s about the ingredients and the benefits you get from consuming it. Of course, it’s difficult to completely remove cake, hamburgers, and pizza from your diet.

But there must be a certain balance that will help us stay healthy and still enjoy junk food once in a while.


When it comes to appearance, onion is not quite out there. It doesn’t smell quite good and it doesn’t look particularly healthy either. But it is healthy and it is tasty as well. Besides being used in just about every meal out there, the onion has plenty more benefits out of the kitchen.

The list you’re about to see is all about the numerous health benefits that onions can offer to us.


1It can work as a cough suppressant

This makes sense if you really think about it. The onion has a chilly, sort of menthol taste that has the ability to fight of bacteria. In order to use onion as a cough suppressant, you need to cut the onion in slices, cover it in brown sugar and let it sit for an hour. Eat from the mix twice a day, and your cough will disappear quickly.

Cough suppressant

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2Use an onion for soothing a baby

We’re pretty sure babies won’t find onions delicious, but how about a teaspoon of onion? All you have to do is boil a diced yellow onion in water and you’ve just produced onion tea. The onion tea can relax muscles and settle the baby’s stomach with ease. One teaspoon every our will do the trick.

Use an onion for soothing a baby

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3Use onion to fight hair loss

No one is going to sell or pitch an onion hair loss product. Why? Because it’s too obvious, and onions don’t really poses any magic powers. The antioxidants in onions can help you fight hair loss, or be more specific onion tea. All you have to do is apply the onion tea before shampooing your hair.

Use onion to fight hair loss

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4Use onion to clear up Chest Congestion

Chest congestion is an extremely uncomfortable to deal with. Relying on onions only is not a good idea, but they can certainly help with easing the pain. The vapors from the onions can loosen up mucus and improve your immune system. You don’t consume the onion in this case, but you rub the mix of chopped onion with coconut oil on your chest.

Use onion to clear up Chest Congestion

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5Use onion to heal cuts

Did you know that the onion skin antimicrobial agents? These antimicrobial agents can help you heal a cut faster. All you have to do is apply the onion skin directly to a cut and let the antimicrobial agents do the rest.

Use onion to heal cuts

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6Use onion to clear up ear infection

It seems like the onion is the most multi-functional vegetable out there. Clearing up ear infection? No problem! You need to chop up some onion and place them in a think stock. Place the stock on your ear and hold in place.

Onion for ear infection

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7Soothing bug bites

Don’t waste your money on some fancy and promising soothing bug bites creams, because onions work great for bug bites. The anti-inflammatory properties of an onion help with the itching and swelling as well. All you have to do is rub an onion slice directly on the affected area.

Soothing bug bites

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8Fighting Nausea

Onion juice and peppermint tea can help you deal with nausea. Start with the onion juice by squeezing some onions with a cheesecloth. Consume two teaspoons of the onion juice, and drink two teaspoons of peppermint tea five minutes later.

Fighting Nausea

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9Dealing with a sore throat

You need to boil some onion skin and onion slices, and use that mixture to gargle with it. In case you can’t stand the smell or the taste of the onion mixture, feel free to add honey or some lemon to it to make the gargle session a bit more pleasant. You might also want to try zinc lozenges was a treatment for a sore throat.

Dealing with a sore throat

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10Purifying the air using onions

No one likes the smell of an onion, and you certainly wouldn’t allow your home to smell like a chopped onion. But a sliced onion can absorb the bacteria and germs in the air, which means it actually works like an air purifier.

Purifying the air using onions

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11Treating sunburns

The sulfur in the onion can help you with reducing redness and burning, skin regeneration and preventing infection. All you have to do is rub a fresh cut onion onto your skin burn and let the onion do the rest.

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12Use onion to reduce fever

This is something you’re probably familiar with, especially if your Grandma was over when you had a fever as a kid. Place thin onion slices and rub some coconut oil to the arch of each foot. Wrap your feet with a plastic wrap and put a sock on.

Use onion to reduce fever

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13Treat diabetes to a degree

Diabetes is not something to mess with, and treating it on your own without consulting with a doctor is not a good idea. However, the onion can control the sugar levels in your blood by increasing the insulin in your body.

Treat diabetes to a degree

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14Remove eye irritations

Onion can make our eyes water when chopped, which means that the liquid form by crying can flush out an unwanted bit of dirt or other small irritants. There’s not much philosophy or a special method to remove eye irritations using onion. Just start with coping and that’s it.

Remove eye irritations

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