Did You Know Okra Prevents Hunger, Fights Diabetes, Lowers Cholesterol and Removes Stress and Fatigue

Okra or lady’s finger may not be liked by everyone because when you cook it, it gets kind of sticky but, it’s best to get over that because that should never be a reason not to eat this amazing vegetable native to Ethiopia and parts of Asia like India where it is widely consumed as part of every household diet. Okra scientifically known as hibiscus esculentus has many names. Gumbo, kianbo, okro and of course ladyfingers. It has incredible health benefits and several healing properties. Here are fifteen of the biggest health benefits of eating okra.


1 Fatigue

Okra is packed with antioxidants and polyphenols. It improves glycogen storage in the liver which increases your energy levels. Eating okra will find you feeling less fatigued after work or from a hard day.


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2Reduces cholesterol

Okra improves bile acid production made from cholestrol in stool. It prevents accumulation of fat and reduces levels of cholesterol. This decreases your risk of heart attack and arthesclerosis. Bad cholesterol or LDL is extremely harmful for the body. It causes plaque buildup that blocks arteries leading to heart disease. Okra decreases overall cholesterol and trigylcerides leading to better liver and cardiovascular health.

Reduces cholesterol

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3Controls Diabetes Mellitus

The peel of Okra reduces blood sugar and helps to control and prevent diabetes. Ingredients in okra prevent carb breaking enzymes called alpha-glucosidase from creating insulin sensitivity and increase insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. By increasing, insulin that results in a decrease of carb breakdown into sugar lowers blood sugar.

Okra Controls Diabetes Mellitus

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4It fortifies bones

Okra is a good source of vitamin K which helps strengthen bones and clotting of blood. Hence it also prevents excessive bleeding. Because of vitamin K, okra prevents diseases like osteoporosis, fractures and bleeding from injuries and other bleeding disorders.

It fortifies bones

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5It increases immunity and improves eyesight

Okra contains vitamin A and that increases white blood cells contributing to an improved immune system. Okra will help you prevent disease. Vitamin A also improves eyesight so if you have poor vision, it is advisable to make okra a part of your diet.

It increases immunity and improves eyesight

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