12 Nutritional Mistakes That Are Making You Gain Weight and Fat

Obesity and weight gain are among the biggest health problems in the USA and the world. These are the main triggers that lead ultimately to cardiovascular disease as well as diseases like diabetes and ultimately organ failure. All of this because no one likes to compromise with the better taste associated with unhealthy food. Obesity is now an epidemic and everyone wants to escape from it and escape you can provided you commit yourself to a healthy eating and exercise plan. The biggest problem is that those who want to lose weight often make dietary mistakes because of overzealousness and misinformation randomly spread across the internet. Here are 10 pieces of advice that lists the most common diet mistakes that people make and which you could be making too.


1You pay attention to wrong advice

You may have seen those slide shows on the internet showing you why you may be worrying about your processed food. You will see a portion of burgers and pizza alongside veggies and maybe some lean chicken breast and the caption showing the same amount of calories. Close that right away or comment in the worst way possible because that is one of the most dangerous pieces of advice being given on the internet nowadays.

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2Thinking that all calories are equal

So what if they contain the same calories, what about the substances and ingredients in them. All calories are not equal. There are good calories and there are bad calories. You can’t compare veggies with a serving of lean chicken breast with a burger containing processed meat just because they contain the same amount of calories. The amount of insulin released by your body depends on the type of calories you consume rather than the amount of calories you consume. Moreover, such foods are high in unhealthy substances, chemicals and free radicals that are the leading causes of diseases like cancer.

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3Choosing only low-fat or diet food

One of the common trends today due to lack of time in cooking is choosing processed diet foods like low fat processed food. They are promoted for weight loss but many of these so-called healthy foods are loaded with sugars or artificial sugars for enhancing taste.

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4Low fat processed foods won’t satiate you

Low-fat foods don’t really satiate you, instead they might make you hungrier and you will only start eating more. It is wiser and healthier to avoid processed foods and choose healthy combos of nutritious wholesome food that will provide you with more nutrients and keep your weight down.

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