What happens when you eat more often? According to Nutrition Experts

When on a diet people tend to strictly follow through even if they are feeling hungry and unsatisfied after their meals. Dieting is like self punishment for some. The general understanding of diet is that only healthy stuff should be eaten. However, this is not entirely true. Diet can also be interpreted as distributing the food you eat between meals through the entire day, and not simply limiting the food intake.


This means you can indulge in eating more often because it can give you a better look. You can eat chocolates and such in moderation and still remain healthy. There are a lot of different diets several of which will instruct either not to eat too much fried stuff or sweets or even to totally give up and avoid certain foods. Furthermore, they continue to instruct you to only consume healthy food like a lot of veggies and fruits. The only question that need be asked when following a diet plan is how many times to eat.

1 How many times or how often should I eat?

Depriving yourself of the treats and delights which may not be considered too healthy can still have some negative impacts. You may not be physically affected but you might most certainly be mentally depraved. As mentioned before, the only thing that need be emphasized on is when to eat these.


The body’s mechanism so designed that each time we eat, we obtain energy from that meal. Now, if this energy is not used it is converted to fat and stored away within the body. Eating small proportions throughout the day will satisfy your hunger only at that time but not for long. But this way all you eat gets turned into energy leaving little to no fat to accumulate. So, you don’t gain weight, plus you get to eat the things you like. Take a look at this chart which advises you to eat 6 meals a day instead of 3, for keeping your weight in check:

breakfast schedule

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2 Eating often helps your body digest easily

Eating this way every few hours in small amounts helps your body digest and absorb more nutrients, thereby ensuring weight loss. Despite this method, some importance should also be given to the quality of the food. You aren’t going to get and stay fit by eating meals consisting of hamburgers, pizza and other junk food six times a day. Hence, along with moderate portions of fried and sweet foods, include the healthy stuff, mainly lean meat, vegetables and fruits.

To ensure that you consume adequate amounts of calories daily, and to know the amount you should consume in accordance with your weight, simply multiply your present weight by 28 (for men) or 25 (for women). The answer will be the minimum required amount of calories for your body to carry out all its basic functions. But this is the amount required for your body only if you remain static, without moving an inch externally all day, every day. So, eating more or sufficient calories is a must to give you the energy you need to carry out your everyday tasks in your life. Check out the table below for information.

Eating often helps your body digest easily

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3 Excluding certain foods can harm your body

Mostly people are unable to grasp the fact that excluding what they like to eat is still harmful to the body too. Unable to understand the workings of the body they fear they will not be healthy and incapable of achieving their ideal physique without dieting and only eating healthy stuff. Some even go as far as to completely fast resulting in starvation. But this is not the way to go about it. While sometimes it is necessary to abstain from eating too much junk, eating moderate amounts in between meal times to satisfy your hunger is quite beneficial and fulfilling.


Eat more often but eat in moderation is the best advice given by Michelle Adams Arent who is a sports nutritionist consultant. It is her advice that has been outlined in the major arts of this article. According to Michelle diet isn’t about limitations but distribution and moderation where quality of food is also important to help you remain healthy and look good.

Excluding certain foods can harm your body

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