Get rid of night leg cramps by using this simple trick

Muscle cramps are involuntary contraction of muscles, which doesn’t relax by itself. Most of the times the muscles in parts of body like legs and hands contract and relax voluntarily as we move the limbs. But when a muscle forcibly contracts on its own and doesn’t relax, it is called a cramp. Cramps can last from a few seconds to hours. Cramps may also occur repeatedly.

They are extremely common and an estimate of 95% of people, experience a cramp once in their lifetime. The most common body parts to be affected by cramps are hands and legs. Legs can even get cramped while we are sleeping and the condition is called as ‘charley horse’. Here are the most common reasons of leg cramps during night time and how to avoid them.

1 Leg Cramps

You are sleeping peacefully in your comfy bed. You are dreaming about something lovely and then suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your legs and suddenly out of nowhere you experience a cramp in one or both legs. Most of the times, these cramp occurs in the foot or the calf and they can get extremely painful and you end up changing positions so that the cramp goes.

Cramps are mostly caused by muscle spasms and spontaneous contractions of muscles. Apart from the muscles of foot and calf, muscles of other body parts such as thigh, hands, arms and abdomen are prone to spasms.

Leg Cramps

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