New Data shows how much longer you can live once you stop eating Red Meat


The world is slowly waking up to the healthy benefits of becoming vegetarian or vegan. There is growing awareness of the negative impact of animal consumption and red meat on health, spirituality, conscience and the environment. The data is now in showing why you need to stop eating red meat because of cancer.

People are slowly refusing red meat or reducing it drastically from their daily diet. This all within good reason and though many have their own for doing so, the common reason is the impact animal agriculture has on the environment, the cruel treatment of animals in factories and farms and of course the health concerns of several animal products.

1 How badly does meat consumption affect our health?

There are several recent studies which have emerged on how a red meat diet has the potential to negatively impact your health. The WHO, (World Health Organization) declared last year that processed meat is now a classified Group 1 carcinogen or a cancer causing element along with Tobacco and asbestos.

Besides causing you cancer, red meat has the potential to increase mortality rate and the risk of dying from a number of diet related disease.

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2 Is meat killing us?

Research carried out in Mayo Clinic Arizona analyzed data collected from is different studies that included 1.5 million participants who were tracked over time. The volunteers were aged between 5 to 28. They all observed mixed diets from strict vegans to meat eaters who consumed red meat daily or more than once a day. The review was titled “Is meat Killing Us” and published in the Journal of American Osteopathic Association.

The study found that indeed meat is killing us and the data collected simply reinforced what we have silently known for long.

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3 What did the data include?

The data collection involved the consumption of all types of red meat such a lamb, beef and Pork. It included bacon, lunchmeat, sausages, hotdogs, burger patties etc. All of these increased the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. It also invited the risk of varying diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

The conclusion of the study stated that “the evidence is consistent that increased intake of red meat, especially processed red meat, is associated with increased all-caused mortality.”. The study also reiterated that when you stop eating red meat and consume a vegan plant based diet it improved health and revered cardiovascular conditions. It decreased Body mass Index and the risk of diabetes or blood pressure. Those who consumed a vegan diet for 17 years increased their lifespan by 3.6 years. This was in comparison to short term vegetarians who would have less benefit.

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4 How is it worth reducing red meat?

Too many 3.5 years isn’t a big deal. Many would feel it is up to them what to eat but wouldn’t you prefer a healthier quality of life right into old age or expire after years of suffering from disease. The decision is yours. Although there is no hard and fast evidence saying that you will definitely be plagued by disease, wouldn’t you like living a healthy life well into old age instead of dying after years of suffering from disease?

The biggest factor of this information is that you don’t really need to be a vegan to enjoy good health. We need to reduce our intake of red meat and animal products which is what will help in maintaining our health. A major step in the right direction is changing our perspective on such issues and exploring the possibility of eating less red meat while increasing consumption of a plant based diet such a fruits and vegetables. This will not only keep you healthy but happier.

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5 The world needs to create awareness on the negative effects of red meat

The issue of red meat bad for health needs more awareness. With reduced methods of inhumane treatment of animals in farms and factories, there will also be a reduction in the impact of animal agriculture on animals.

Simultaneously, the production and consumption of animal predicts that are toxic to health will decrease. There will come a time when process like processed meat such as bacon will have to carry cancer causing warnings just like on cigarettes.

The only possible way of achieving such things is by creating awareness and changing your lifestyle to a healthier one. There is a marked rise in the consumption of vegan and vegetarian products. Grocery stores and restaurants are offering more options on such types of food. This helps us evolve with current trends as it would help us utilize them to our advantage which would be a healthy one. To stop eating red meat is ultimately up to you. The choice is yours.

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