Why you should never forcefully pop a Pimple and what you should do instead

Popping a pimple isn’t as easy as it sounds. Moreover the worst thing a girl can wake up to is looking in the mirror and finding a pimple on her face. Apart from the screaming and yelling, most will try to pop the pimple but that’s when you need to be careful, popping a pimple when it isn’t ready can lead to infection, skin inflammation and swelling too.

So what happens when you pop a pimple or when you should pop one? What you really should know is what happens when you forcefully pop a pimple. Besides all of this, it could also lead to a scar.

1 How a pimple looks before a pop

The pimple that you see one day in the mirror could well have been developing for some time beneath the skin’s surface .

The blemish that you see on one sudden day, has actually been brewing for quite some time under the surface of your skin. Dermatologist David E banks says that many people fail to realize that it takes 8 weeks for a pore to get blocked till it forms into a pimple. This also means you are 8 weeks too late in applying those pimple creams.

How a pimple looks before a pop

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2 Learn to recognize the type of pimple before you pop it

Identifying the type of pimple and whether it is ready to pop is important for the safety of your skin.

type of pimple before you pop it

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