New study proves the negative impact of spanking on children

“Spare the rod and spoil the child“ may be an age old saying but it never ever meant that you should beat or spank your kids black and blue. If you thought a spanking was good for your kid, well think twice before you pick up a slipper or even wack him with your hand.

In-depth analysis resulting from five decades of research has revealed that spanking has a negative impact on children and could result in huge psychological effects on your child.

1 Spanking Still a Matter of Debate

Research on the effects of spanking has never been easy. While some people have varying opinions on the topic, others are prone to subject their children to diverse forms of corporal punishment. As a result, studies in the past have never really differentiated between varied punishments to enable researchers to deduce a reasonable conclusion on spanking.

Writing in her Journal of Family Psychology, Dr. Elizabeth Gershoff of the Texas University in Austin has collected data spread over a number of studies to such effects. The studies included a phenomenal number of children amounting to 160,927 as subjects of a variety of case studies.

Spanking Still a Matter of Debate

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2 Spanking Should Never Be an Option

She says “Our analysis focuses on what most Americans would recognize as spanking and not on potentially abusive behaviors.” Spanking should be defined as nothing more than a sharp open-handed slap to a child’s buttocks or limbs for that matter.

What Gershoff analyzed from her research was that Spanking has a negative impact on children and should never be considered an option as it was not very effective in getting a child to obey a parent. This was concluded after studying 17 possible outcomes detrimental to child behavior associated with spanking.

Spanking Should Never Be an Option

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